24DB Restaurant Rules

  • Try New Places.

    • It's easy to go to the same
    • places and order the same items
    • over and over again. Trying new
    • places is a great way to explore
    • your city. Why not try never
    • going back to the same
    • place twice!
  • Be Adventurous.

    • How do you know you hate
    • something if you've never even
    • tried it? Maybe you love it and
    • just don't know it yet. Be
    • adventurous when it comes to
    • food. The things you like might
    • surprise you. If not, well,
    • it was just one bite.
  • Share

    • When you share a meal, you
    • get to to try so many more
    • dishes at a restaurant. The
    • only problem is when
    • something you're eating
    • is so good, you want it
    • all for yourself!

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