5411 Empanadas – Wicker Park, Chicago

What I Ordered


  • Malbec Beef - Juicy Malbec Braised Beef, I think that's all I need to say.
  • Chorizo & Patatas Bravas - perfect heat level to the chorizo used in this empanada. If you like chorizo I would definitely recommend.
  • Spinach & Cheese - a must get. Packed with a bunch of spinach and a whole lot of melty stringy cheese with a lil pinch of garlic. I could eat these everyday.
  • Chocolate & Dulce de Leche Tart - So cute and So small but, full of caramel-y flavor and a buttery crust. I like to call this: The diet slice haha

EMPANADAS; The glorified “Hot Pocket” of Argentinian cuisine. We must thank our friends to the south for these hot, tasty, quick bites, full of flavor! Here in Chicago there is a Food Truck roaming the streets, typically found daily at the Daley Plaza in the Loop called 5411 Empanadas (5411=the area code to Argentina). Their Empanadas are baked instead of fried which is different from the ones you will find at other restaurants in the city. I love the fact that they are baked, you don’t taste all that oil and you are actually able to taste the dough which in this case is almost bread like. I also like that they have so many different flavors each having its own style of fold to the empanada in order to tell them apart. The flavors are so different for each one and none of them are similar. As in, you don’t have that cross over taste where everything starts to taste the same. Each filling has its own bold gourmet punch that will make your eyes light up with surprise on your first bite. You may think the price of the empanadas at $2.50 each is a bit high since the normal going rate of an empanada in the city is $1.00 but, I guarantee you will enjoy these flavors more and typically about 3 of them will fill you up. There are two different sauces available to dunk or slather your empanada in; Red Hot or Chimichurri. I whole heartedly advise to get multiple of the Chimichurri it is sooooo good and garlicky takes the flavor of the empanada to a higher level. 5411 also carries traditional Argentinian desserts made by Piccolo Mondo Bakery consisting of tarts and cookies.

Lucky for me 5411 Empanadas has two brick and mortar locations one of which is down the street from me in Wicker Park and the other in the Lakeview neighborhood. They also have a location in Miami, Florida if you are in the area.

5411 Empanadas
2045 W. North Ave
Chicago Il 60647

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