ABC Kitchen – Flatiron, NYC

ABC Kitchen - Flatiron, NYC.
What I Ordered

Review By: Nikki Reyes

Usually I am craving something specific before I venture out into the vast NY restaurant scene. But ABC Kitchen was close by when “tengo hambre” signals started to fire, so why not. As I scanned the menu, I was immediately captivated by an item headlined with “fried egg.” Did someone tell them I was coming?!? Considering anything else on the menu at this point felt sacrilegious.

The nail in the coffin – it’s partner in crime was roasted cauliflower–a combination I have never seen before as a featured appetizer. IMHO, cauliflower can be just as delicious as brussel sprouts, asparagus, or even mushrooms. So tonight was going to be a celebration of our dear underrated albino friend, Mr. Cauliflower.

How it Tasted: As the picture shows, Mr. Cauliflower came with a dinner party of some rather colorful guests. I wasn’t sure if the seating chart would foster interesting conversations and hearty laughs. But within the first bite, I was reminded of a clever quip by a wise young fella named Brody, “That’s pure entertainment for my taste buds!” The cauliflower absorbed all the rich, nuanced flavors of the light aoili, pepper, and parsely garnishes. And the bread-crumb like texture of the crushed walnuts added a subtle crunch.

I thought I was taking a sip of  water to cleanse my palette from the first few bites, but I realized…what’s this? From the tiny chili pepper flakes – an underlying spiciness coating my tongue like a warm electric blanket on a winter’s night. I was thoroughly impressed – the spice expertly continued to tease with every bite.

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