Accanto – SE Belmont, Portland

What I Ordered
  • Deviled eggs 
  • House salume 
  • Tortino di riso 
  • Marinated beets 
  • Fettuccine dorato 

In Short: The fresh, seasonal Italian food and cozy and classy atmosphere at Accanto satisfied the tastebuds and pleased the whole family.

Accanto is an Italian restaurant on the east side of Portland that is well known for their fresh pasta dishes and classic Portland corner cafe atmosphere. I visited for dinner on a Saturday night with my family and loved the seasonal selection on the menu.

First, my family shared a selection of three appetizers for $13 – deviled eggs, house salume, and tortino di riso. The deviled eggs were pretty classic, except for a fantastic addition of crispy prosciutto and local red peppers on top. The house salume was a pork pate with chicken liver, and it came with a bit of raisin relish, which was a sweet complement to the savory meat. The tortino di riso was a risotto cake with pesto and tomato jam. I was disappointed with the amount of food for the price, since the four of us only received a small bite of each appetizer, but the deviled eggs were really quite delicious.

Next, we shared a $9 dish of marinated beets, which were served on a bed of lettuce with with pistachios, caramelized onions, and feta cheese. It was a simple dish, but a good break between the heavier appetizers and pasta dishes.

While we usually think of pasta as a classically Italian dish, pasta actually originated in Asia long before the Italians caught on. Some believe that pasta was brought to Italy from China by Marco Polo in the 13th century, but others say that nomadic Arabs passed along the tradition. Italians made pasta their own by forming theirs out of durum wheat, which greatly increased its shelf life, and that’s what I got to eat today! For my entree, I ordered fettuccine dorato, or golden fettuccine. The fresh pasta was dressed with a creamy robiola cheese, pine nuts, light herbs, and two thick slices of prosciutto. This dish was really fantastic! The dish was $16, but this was worth it to me because the pasta was so obviously homemade and created with love. The only thing I would do differently is disperse the prosciutto throughout the dish in smaller pieces so I could get a taste in every bite, but otherwise, I loved this light, creamy dish.

I don’t have anything remarkable to say about their service, but my water glass was always full, which makes me a happy camper. The ambiance helped complete our authentic Italian meal and I can’t wait to come back to experience their spring menu. Accanto is open for lunch Monday-Friday, dinner every day, and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Accanto is always in and out of the trendy Portland foodie mags, so make sure to make reservation!

  • Accanto

    Thanks so much for your gracious review. We’re glad you enjoyed it!