Allswell – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Love the cozy atmosphere at Allswell!

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

Dave and I were on a double date with his law school roommate and his wife. Our plan for the night was to go to the Williamsburg Night Bazaar to shop, listen to music, and eat dinner, but after just a few minutes of walking around, it was pretty clear that we would need a second plan or we’d all be in bed by 10pm. So, naturally, we decided that after the Bazaar, we would go for dinner in Williamsburg.

Our first choice was St. Anselm. Two hour wait and they weren’t even sure we’d get in at all.

Our second choice was The Meatball Shop. Two hour wait.

Finally, we found ourselves in front of Allswell, which has always been on our list, but has never been somewhere we were DYING to try. The chef at Allswell was trained by the chef at The Spotted Pig (at first we thought it was the same owner, but we were told otherwise), so it would undoubtedly be good, but the menu is pretty small and we just couldn’t decide…. Until we went inside and were told that we could be seated immediately… that changed our mind’s pretty quickly.

We were seated in a corner table at the front of the restaurant (a great spot, in my opinion), and our waitress immediately came over to take our drink orders. Once we were all set with those, we put in an order of Ricotta with Seedy Bread (they make all of their own bread) and the Flatbread with Olives, Ricotta, and Kale. The ricotta and seedy bread came out first. It was good, but tasted a little bland in my opinion. The flatbread was awesome. Something I would most definitely order again if I ever went back.

As we were chowing down on the delicious flatbread, our waitress came back to take our entree order. Dave and I shared the Cornish Cross Chicken with Spiced Lentil and Tomato and the Burger with Cheddar and Bacon on a Sesame Bun with Fries. We thought that the cornish chicken might be a pretty small portion, but boy were we wrong. It was huge. And delicious! I don’t usually order chicken, but this was so flavorful and moist. And, I loved the lentils that came on the side as well. The burger was very good too. Great flavor, cooked perfectly, and the homemade bun was great. The burger was very simple, but that’s what I liked about it the most.

So, clearly, the flatbread and the cornish chicken were my favorite dishes, but overall, I really enjoyed out whole meal at Allswell… Especially the fact hat we didn’t have to wait two hours to get in :)