Athenian Room – Lincoln Park, Chicago

I love these fries.

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

I worked for most of the day on Sunday, and by the time I got home at 8:30pm, I was starving, tired, and I won’t lie, pretty cranky as well. Dave and I were in Chicago for the weekend for a Bar Mitzvah, and had plans to eat dinner at his parents house on Sunday night. We all decided to order in and Dave gave me three choices: 1) Chinese, 2) R.J. Grunts, 3) Athenian Room. 

One of the first friends I made after moving to Chicago (Hi Katie!) told me about Athenian Room. She grew up around the corner and was definitely a regular. Soon after I got settled in Chicago, she took me to try her favorite Athenian Room dish, their burger. And I’ve been going back for that and for all of their delicious Greek food ever since. Every meal I’ve had from there has been great, so I was very happy to come home to that after a long day of work (good choice, Dave!)

The food arrived as soon as I got home (perfect timing), and I for one was ready to dig in. Dave ordered us a Greek Salad, the Gyro dinner and then the Chicken Kebab dinner. All of my favorites. The first thing we did was get rid of the onions from all of our dishes. Then, we started with the Greek salad, which had pretty much the biggest chunk of feta cheese on top that I’ve ever seen. In my opinion, the more feta cheese the better, so no complaints there. It was delicious! And a huge portion too.

Then, I dug into the Chicken Kebab. I put the chicken and veggies into a pita, added some Tsatsiki sauce and lettuce, and took my first bite. So good. Dave had started with the Gyro and we switched half-way through. I was glad to end my meal with the gyro because that was definitely the item I was most excited for… and the one I thought was the best. I love gyros and the combination of Athenian Room’s amazing meat AND pita definitely made this one of the best that I’ve had. And the fries? They soaked up some of the juices and spices from our meals, and they pretty much tasted like perfection.

Athenian Room is definitely a Lincoln Park staple, and almost everyone I talk to seems to recommend it, or at least know about it. As you know, this wasn’t my first Athenian Room meal, and of course, it won’t be my last… Nothing could keep me away from that gyro…those fries…that big hunk of feta. My day had been not-so-great, but I least I got to end it with an awesome meal.

  • Bernard

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