Augie’s – San Antonio, Texas

Is that not one of the biggest ribs you've ever seen?

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

I had a serious foodie (and seriously amazing) meal at Barley Swine in Austin, but by the time I arrived in San Antonio, I was ready for some good old fashioned Texas BBQ. We got to our hotel and after asking several people for a recommendation, it was clear that Augie’s was the place to go.

And the second we pulled up and saw it, we knew everyone had been right. We peeked at the huge menu posted outside the door and then walked inside to find a big line, but even more importantly, the biggest ribs that we’ve ever seen. Everything really is bigger in Texas.

Augie’s is a cafeteria style restaurant, so once we got to the front of the line, we were able to get a good look at everything before placing our order. We knew that we would most definitely be ordering the sliced brisket sandwich, one pork rib, and one beef rib (yes, they sell single ribs), and then with the help of the guy working behind the counter, we also decided on the chopped/pulled pork with sausage combo sandwich, and then mac and cheese and potato salad as our sides.

We stocked up on napkins and BBQ sauce and headed to their huge outdoor patio area with our two very full trays of food. the second we sat down we were ready to dig in… We decided that our first bite of Texas BBQ should be the beef rib. It was the biggest rib I’ve ever seen and also one of the best ribs I’ve ever tasted. Though the pork rib was smaller, it was just as delicious.

But then again, so was everything. The meat on both the brisket sandwich and the pulled pork/sausage combo sandwich was flavorful, juicy, and just incredible. Dave preferred the brisket sandwich and I preferred the pulled pork/sausage sandwich (but he LOVES brisket and I LOVE sausage, so I guess that makes sense). Really though, it was hard to choose a favorite because they were both just so good.

And the sides… wow. When I first saw the mac and cheese while standing in line to order, I honestly didn’t think it looked that great. It looked a little runny, an just not like the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had. But, we were told to order it, so we did… and I’m SO glad. It was thick, cheesy, and so delicious. And the potato salad was as good as any that I’ve had.

Not only is the food awesome at Augie’s, I loved the atmosphere too. The portions were huge, the food was relatively cheap, and though this was my first  Texas BBQ meal, I’d say that this had to be some of the best. My only complaint? We were both so full that we couldn’t eat dinner until after 10pm… and even then, we were only hungry enough to share one entree. Oh well, Augie’s was worth it!