Auto Battery & Po Dog – Capitol Hill, Seattle

Auto Battery & Po Dog - Capitol Hill, Seattle
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Review By: Eric Hoover –

After a day of biking around the gorgeous city of Seattle, I needed a hot dog. And a beer. Several of them. Preferably while sitting outdoors during a not-so-stereotypical sunny day. I’d only been in the city for 24 hours, and already I understood why people flock to this Pacific Northwest Metropolis. The air is fresh, the sky is big and gleaming, almost everyone you come across is polite and patient. As an East Coast resident, much of it was a shocker.

An old friend I was staying with suggested we hit up Auto Battery. Located in the trendy college student neighborhood of Capitol Hill (or First Hill, depending on who you ask), their patio seating and cheap, delicious eats were an obvious huge draw. But that was just the start.

I ordered up a Seattle Dog from Po Dog, the adjacent eatery that pulls double duty as Auto Battery’s kitchen. Seattle Dogs are oddly similar to anything you eat related to Philadelphia (i.e.: a Philly Roll in sushi). Basically, they take a roughly foot long Kosher hot dog and slap a ton of cream cheese on top. After that, you add a giant hand-full of scallions. Simple and delicious. Perfect to gain all the weight back you burned off riding up and down Seattle hills all day on a single speed bike.

Auto Battery has several quality local beers on tap, and coffee brewing constantly from what I could see. Unfortunately, I went the cheap-o route and hit up their Tecate Tall Boys. Don’t judge me. It was bright and comfy out and we had no time for pairing IPAs or stouts to go with our wieners. We just needed daytime drinks.

In fact, it was so lovely out we almost didn’t go inside, but eventually discovered what draws many to Auto Battery – the pool tables, skee ball and Wii games.

For a Jersey-kid who grew up begging his mother for one more token to the skee ball machine, seeing two tucked past Auto Battery’s bar was like a shot of nostalgia chased with a familiar sense of home.

Of course, playing several rounds of any table game after a few rounds-o-tallboys is no simple task – but we had a blast and that’s all that matters.

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