Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar – Raleigh, North Carolina

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar - Raleigh, North Carolina
What I Ordered
  • Fried Pickles
  • Bad Ass Burger
  • Shoestring fries

In Short: If you are looking for an unforgettable burger joint in Raleigh, Bad Daddy’s is a must. Their massive burgers are juicy and delicious. I can honestly say their “Bad Ass Burger” kicked my ass! I’m still in a food coma from the massive size of their burgers. Also, their fried pickles were awesome so make sure to get them to start off your meal!

With a name like “Bad Daddy’s” it is hard not to have a badass hamburger that will leave a lasting impression after your meal. The Raleigh, North Carolina burger joint, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, is a must-have meal for any food enthusiast in the “City of Oaks.”

Don’t take our word for it. Bad Daddy’s confidently states on their website, “We are one bite away from becoming your Go-To Burger Joint.”

The location we checked out was their Seaboard Station restaurant, which has convenient parking and a clean interior in Raleigh. The name of the restaurant makes you believe that this restaurant might have peanuts on the floor and inferior lighting, but this definitely was not the case. The inside was very inviting and clean, unlike their massive burgers.

Massive almost does a disservice to the enormous size of Bad Daddy’s burgers. You will need to stretch your jaw out in order to fit the entire bun and patty into your mouth. After each bite, you will need to take a deep breath before getting ready for round two (AKA your second bite).

We ordered the fried pickles as a starter served with traditional ranch dressing. For the burger, we got the “Bad Ass Burger” (of course). This big 10oz custom blend premium beef patty came with lettuce, tomato, buttermilk fried bacon, horseradish mayo, handmade American cheese and pickles on a brioche bun.  The greasy yet delicious fries were our side dish.

We could have been creative and built our own burger, but the “Bad Ass Burger” seemed to be the best option for a first time visitor.

The overall cost came out just north of $25.00. Aside from investing in Apple’s stock in the 1980’s, this will be the best investment you can make for around twenty bucks! It is no coincidence that Bad Daddy’s has expanded to other states, including Denver, Charlotte, Knoxville, Winston Salem and Greenville.   Like the name suggests, Bad Daddy’s has got burgers from Basic to Bad Ass and everything in between. The next time you are in Raleigh and need a lunch spot that you want to brag to your friends about, check out Bad Daddy’s!

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