Bhangra Burger – Southbank, London

bhangra burger
What I Ordered
  • Crazy Lamb Jalfrezi Burger - with onion bhaji
  • Masala Fries

In Short: A new take on a burger - using all of the infamous flavours of North India to bring a burger like no other in London. 

Better known as the Crazy Lamb Jalfrezi Burger; a compilation of a minced lamb patty; seasoned with cumin, coriander, black onion seeds, and jalfrezi spices. Topped with mint raita, pickle and mango chutney –basically all the infamous North Indian flavours wrapped up into one mother of a meal. Did it have me busting out my best bhangra moves or did it fall flat on its ass? Find out below.

The #meat; is FRICKING AMAZING. This burger worked so well, I couldn’t believe what I was eating. The list of flavours made me think this burger would be very confused and lacking substance; boy oh boy was I wrong. They’ve worked hard to master the balance of flavours just right to not take anything away from the actual lamb.

My first lamb burger review and I’m so glad I picked this one to be it. The flavours induced a moment of nostalgia of sitting under the stars of a night sky in Punjab, on a bed made of tweed, dipping chunks of marinated lamb into mint chutney and cooling off the spice with a nice cold beer. The burger is spicy too, the kick is strong in their chilly mint raita, but with sweetness from the red onions, pickle, and mango chutney, you’ll be fine. Oh, there is also an onion bhaji added to it. So you get the taste of turmeric, mustard seeds, and onions on top. An excellent job with this burger to highlight the best of India. It is addictive. I want one right now!

The #bun; is poor. It is a straight out of the packet sesame seeded bun. Nothing wrong with that but the bun was dry, crumbly, and didn’t hold well. I hope the Baba G crew look into this; perhaps a nice garlic and coriander bun would go well with all the flavours that this burger is rocking?

The #mess; very little, which considering the amount that is in this burger is astonishing. The bun did crumble, so I had to chow on it quickly to ensure nothing went missing!

Forget dodgy curries in East London, grab yourself a Crazy Jalfrezi Burger; you won’t be disappointed. Their masala chips are also the best chips I’ve had with any burger – better than the rosemary fries at honest burger. There, I said it. This meal will have you dancing awkwardly in no time. 8/10 – would be higher if you change the bun.