Bistecca e Vino – Quinta Camacho, Bogota, Colombia

Parmigian eggplants
Parmigian eggplants
What I Ordered

Romain Artichokes

Parmigian eggplants

Entrecote steak 

Penne Mira Monte

Flan with evaporated milk

Volcano with vanilla ice cream

In Short: Bistecca E Vino is a place that has great respect for its ingredients. Each dish has a balance and harmony of flavors. I would come back to this restaurant hands down.

Bistecca e Vino is located in the Quinta Camacho neighborhood outside the Holiday Inn hotel. It´s an Italian steakhouse where eating is better with some wine.

When entering the restaurant, the first thing you can appreciate is a huge cava of selected wines. In this opportunity I ordered a pinot noir rosé called Leyda. Its intense color seduces at first sight, but its aroma and flavor of fresh fruit and citrics made my palate fall in love.

As we sat down, the first thing that comes to you at the table is a delicious artisan bread accompanied by herb butter. Afterwards, we ordered parmigiana eggplants, which are crispy and breaded. They come with a Napolitan sauce, au gratin with parmesan cheese and basil. The waiter also suggested the roman artichokes which are fried, and served with sage butter.

For main course, we ordered a 300g Entrecote. What I like about this type of cut is its juicy marbling of consistency that gives it a deep rich flavor. You can choose the type of sauce you want, and in this case, I selected the blue cheese sauce. In this occasion, on the side, I ordered some fries with truffle and parmesan salt.

A interesting fact about this place is that they have daily specials off the regular menu. That night, it was the penne Mare monte with mushrooms and mussels. It is an exquisite pasta made with mussels´ juice, white wine, cream and butter.

Finally, as a happy ending, we had for dessert a chocolate volcano served with vanilla ice cream in which the cocoa flavor stands out. Also we tried the flan with evaporated milk. A perfect choice for those who want something a little bit less sweet.

Address: Carrera 7 No 67 – 39
Phone: 703 8740