Blue Ash Chili – Mason, Ohio

Blue Ash Chili - Mason, Ohio
What I Ordered
  • 3-Way
  • Classic Coney

In Short:  If you are looking for a cozy joint with amazing and authentic chili in Cincinnati, you have to try Blue Ash Chili! The food is outstanding and the prices are more than reasonable. You will leave Blue Ash with a full stomach and the bragging rights of saying you had the best Chili in Cincinnati and possibly the entire country!

Cincinnati, also referred to as “Queen City,” is well known for its baseball and chili.  It is no coincidence that Skyline Chili offers free coneys throughout all of its locations on the opening day of the Reds season.

Skyline is the well-known chain that has a cult following. But, if you are traveling to the Cincinnati area and are looking for the best Chili spot, Blue Ash Chili is a Queen City classic!

Since 1969 Blue Ash Chili’s premium chili has been made with the same family recipe using only top ingredients. It’s not too spicy and served Cincy-style: Cheese coneys made in 6-different ways!

When you walk into Blue Ash Chili, you will feel like you are in a small town diner. There are tons of options on the menu including breakfast items, sandwiches and burgers, but we had to try the premium Cincy style chili. I ordered the 3-Way, Blue Ash’s premium chili served over streaming spaghetti and topped with freshly shredded Cheddar cheese. I also wanted to experience the coney, so I got the classic coney, a specialty-made hot dog covered with premium chili, mustard and onions. The overloaded cheese couldn’t have been good for my arteries but nonetheless it was delicious! It made perfect sense why Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-in, & Dives hit television show featured Blue Ash Chili.

Even though I was starving when I walked in the door, I did not attempt the “No Freakin’ Way! Challenge.” That would have meant that I would have had to eat 8 lbs. of classic Cincinnati-style goodness. The free meal and t-shirt along with my picture on their Facebook Hall of Fame seemed enticing, but I was not up for the challenge.

Overall, Blue Ash Chili was delicious. Whether you are resident in the Cincinnati area or coming from out of town to catch a Reds game, this chili joint will not disappoint. We went to the location in Mason but there is also a restaurant location in Blue Ash and Tri County.

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