Bocado Cafe – UES, NYC

My neighbor!

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

When Dave and I drove up to our apartment for the very first time, the first thing we saw was a cute little bagel shop right on our corner. We thought it was “so New York” to have a bagel place on our corner (especially since it was called “The Corner Bagel Shop – AWW!!) and we were pumped. It was our first lunch in NYC, and then a week later… it closed. The only other food/breakfast place right on our block is a fancy/expensive little french bakery (Le Pain Quotidien) and we hate it (well ok, we don’t hate it, we just think the portions are very small and very expensive… AND we have no idea how to pronounce the name. Ugh.), so we were very excited when we saw that Bocado Cafe was opening.

A few days before their “official opening,” they opened up their bakery and served a select few menu items along with their huge variety of baked goods. On their “pre-official opening” menu, were two awesome looking burgers, which Dave and I picked up one day for dinner. The burgers were as awesome as they looked… and only $9 each! After trying said $9 burgers, we were sure that Bocado Cafe would be one of our go-to neighborhood favorites… And then they had their official opening and raised the price of their burgers from $9 to $15. WTF!!! What a tease! How could we possibly go from buying a burger there for $9 to buying one for $15? Well, the answer is that we couldn’t. We officially banned Bocado Cafe. Until today.

My mom was in town visiting me and I was taking the day off from work to hang out with her. Of course, I wanted to make the most of every second of my day off, so we woke up early and had plans to spend the day shopping in Williamsburg. We wanted to get there first thing in the morning right when the stores opened (which I thought would be around 10am, but ended up being around 11, 12, 1/whenever they felt like it) so the plan was to just grab a quick bite before getting on the train.

Bocado Cafe is right down the street from my apartment, and also right across the street from the subway… So basically very convenient in every way possible. After our meal at Red Rooster the night before, we really just wanted a light and somewhat healthy breakfast to give us some energy for our day of shopping, so the ban on Bocado Cafe had to be temporarily lifted.

Whenever I go out for breakfast, I almost always order some kind of omelet, but miraculously I was still pretty full from the night before (I say miraculously because I am usually starving the second I wake up). So, I decided to do something I never do and I ordered two scrambled eggs, sausage (i love sausage), fruit, and coffee. My mom got oatmeal, and half a cup of coffee/half a cup of milk (i don’t get her).

My scrambled eggs were good, but then again, it’s pretty difficult to screw up scrambled eggs… and i doused them in ketchup and hot sauce. I guess it’s kind of hard to judge Bocado Cafe based on this experience alone, but then again, them raising the price of their burger from $9 to $15 isn’t right. I just don’t think I can get past that. Maybe I’ll give it another shot for breakfast or when I need to eat somewhere that is a block away from my apartment and right across the street from the train, but until then… the ban on Bocado Cafe is back on.