Cafe Del Angel – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Cafe del Angel - San Juan, Puerto Rico
What I Ordered

Review By: Julianne Di –

As soon as we walked into Café del Angel the staff was very friendly, obviously used to tourists who are looking for some authentic Puerto Rican cuisine. I felt very at home here despite the fact that the surroundings were quite simple and dingy.

Tostones happen to be some of my favorite Latin cuisine and even more so because my version of tostones is mediocre at best. I love plantains, avocados, cilantro, jicama and all of the flavors that accompany Hispanic cooking. So when I saw tostones on the menu, I had to have them. The fact that they were stuffed with beef made it all the better. Instead of the flat tostones that I’m used to, these were shaped like 4 small bowls on a bed of lettuce. Inside was chopped meat with olives and peppers and the crispiness of the tostones with the soft warm pieces of beef were a match made in heaven. I was so stuffed after eating two that I had to take the last two back to my hotel room. There was no way I wasn’t taking these babies home for leftovers.

Churrasco was on almost every menu in every place ate and I did not order it for myself but did get to taste my sister’s. It was so tender and delicious, it almost melted in your mouth. The rice with pigeon peas was also delicious. Everyone here seemed to really enjoy their meals and we knew we would have to come back here again not only for the food but for the hospitality as well.

Later on during the week, we came back for dessert and listened to the live music playing outside. I ordered the Tres Leches cake, which is my favorite cake ever (not to brag, but I make a pretty mean one as well). The cake sits in 3 different milks which make it so moist and sweet. Then the cake is topped with homemade whipped cream. Since we weren’t in Mexico I wasn’t sure what to expect from this cake in Puerto Rico. Many places make it many different ways and I have had cakes that have been called Tres Leches cake that don’t really fit the mold. This cake was definitely a surprise and kind of a disappointment to me. After having enjoyed all of our food from here I was upset that I did not enjoy my dessert. The cake wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t Tres Leches in my opinion. Only a small piece at the bottom of the cake was soaked in milk so it was not wet and moist throughout like it should be. There was also some cinnamon sprinkled on top as well, which made it taste more like rice pudding. It was good cake but it wasn’t what I had my heart set on eating.

Despite my Tres Leches disappointment, I would come back to Cafe Del Angel over and over again. I would definitely recommend eating here when in San Juan. It may be one of the only places in the touristy area where you can get a delicious meal for a decent price.