Carnegie Deli – Midtown West, NYC

This is only half of a matzoh ball soup!

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

Carnegie Deli was the last of the “famous” NY Deli’s that I had yet to cross off my list. Until this point, in my opinion, Katz’s won for best atmosphere and 2nd Ave Deli was the winner when it came to sandwiches. And then, Carnegie Deli’s famous Woody Allen sandwich pretty much just turned my world upside down.

We had been told by… everyone that this was the sandwich to order, and who were we to argue? We walked into Carnegie Deli expecting there to be a wait, but luckily we were seated right away. After taking a few minutes to look at the hundreds of celebrity pictures hanging on the walls, our pickles came out. As the waiter set them on the table, we immediately ordered the obligatory Diet Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry and Diet Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda. Really, it’s just not a meal at a NY Deli without this drink.

the menu at Carnegie Deli is enormous. Luckily, we already had our sandwich picked out because it took us a good 5 minutes just to find the “sides” section. In addition to our Woody Allen sandwich, we also ordered a Matzo Ball/Kreplach soup combo, everything to share, as always.

First came the soup. In two bowls, each with its own matzoh ball and kreplach. “Wait,” we told the waiter. “We only ordered one soup, not two!” “This is one soup,” he replied. Ok, well, I guess we were leaving this meal stuffed and with leftovers (not that we weren’t expecting that anyway).

Just as we were finishing our soup (and when I say finishing, I mean finishing the half of each of our bowls we were able to eat without being too stuffed for the sandwich), the mother of all sandwiches appeared at our table. The Woody Allen. As it’s described on the menu, “lotsa corned beef plus lotsa pastrami.” And, that’s exactly what it was. Two pieces of bread between which is easily enough meat for two full sandwiches. Pour on some of their spicy brown mustard, and what you have is sandwich heaven.

Simple rye bread and thick, warm pieces of more pastrami and more corned beef than you could possibly ever imagine. I immediately removed half of the meat before I even attempted to take a bite. And, the second I did, this sandwich moved right up to the top of my NY deli sandwich list. It’s not cheap ($40 for our meal), but it was worth every penny.

And the best part? We have enough leftovers for three more lunches. Thank you Carnegie Deli and Woody Allen!

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