Carson City Saloon – South Side, Pittsburgh

That's a lot of wings for $6!

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

Who loves 25 cent wings?? (I do, I do!)

In high school and college, I had a weekly date with whatever 25 cent wing place was nearby (BW3’s in high school, Cornerstone in college). Now that I live in the big city, that deal is much harder to come by. So when Dave and I were in Pittsburgh this week and saw signs at almost every other place for 25 cent wing Monday’s, not only were we in heaven, we also knew without a doubt what we’d be eating for dinner.

I won’t lie, I’ve never had to choose between so many 25 cent wing places. I’m used to having one choice and that’s it. So how did we chose? Well, Carson City Saloon had the biggest TV. And, unlike some of the other places, Carson City Saloon allowed you to get a different sauce for every 6 wings that you ordered!!! (Yes, all three of those exclamation points are necessary to show my enthusiasm about the different sauce situation). Oh, and they had $2 dollar Bud Lights.

Ok, so Carson City Saloon it was. It was really a no-brainer. We waited for a few minutes to get a table and then got seated in a prime location with a great view of the huge TV (though it was so big, I’m sure anywhere we would have sat would have had a great view) and next to four guys who were already elbow deep in their 25 cent wings.

Ordering our appetizer was the easy part. We decided on their Beer Battered Pickles served with ranch dressing. We love beer battered pickles (does anyone not?). Done.

Our wing ordering, on the other hand, was going to be a little more difficult. We had to decide how many wings we wanted AND which sauces we wanted. Decision, decisions.

Originally, we were planning on getting 18 wings, but there were four sauces that really caught our eye and we couldn’t narrow it down. We figured for an extra $1.50, we should probably just get the 6 extra, rather than possibly regretting one of our sauce choices. So, 24 wings it was with the following sauces: Extra Hot (I would be staying away from that one though after my recent experience at Mission Chinese), Sweet Chili, Buffalo Ranch, and Hot Honey. Pretty solid choices if I must say so myself.

First, we tried the fried pickles (they were our appetizer, after all). They were amazing. Probably the best fried pickles I’ve ever had. If you are ever at Carson City Saloon, you must get the fried pickles.

Then, the wings. I went to pick up an extra hot wing and before taking a bite I just licked some of the sauce off my fingers… And that was enough for me. I was definitely out on those. But, they were Dave’s favorite. I tried one of each wing and they were all awesome. My favorite was the buffalo ranch, followed by the hot honey, followed by the sweet chili.

The guys next to us were on their second (or maybe third) round of wings by the time we’d had enough. Thank goodness we got through 19 of them, which meant that ordering that extra 6 was worth it. PHEW.

So would I go back to Carson City Saloon if I ever found myself in Pittsburgh again? If those beer battered pickles and 25 cent wings were involved, then absolutely.