Christianna Klangides

Christianna Klangides

Food is powerful. It has the ability to bring people together and turn strangers into friends. We use food to help celebrate pivotal moments in life such as an anniversary, birth or graduation; it also helps comfort us in times of need. Food can cause contagious smiles as it breaks down different barriers. It’s universal yet unique.

Caviar & Cookies is a site for food lovers. It is everything from hot trendy restaurants to cozy at home baking. I’m a food lover living in Chicago. My adventurous palate has allowed me to explore some of the city’s finest while my love for travel has allowed me to experience daring foods like rats in Cambodia. Join me as I explores all things food.

I grew up in a Cypriot family where my culture revolved around food. My parents were also in the restaurant business. It only seems fitting that I constantly seek a plateful of flavor made with a little TLC. I absolutely love a good BYOB but can’t resist a well crafted cocktail. I could kill an entire box of chocolates in one sitting, and dessert is the key to this girl’s heart.

Follow me on my food comas as I indulges in my guilty pleasure: food.

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