Claire’s on Cedros – Solana Beach, San Diego

Claire's on Cedros - Solana Beach, San Diego
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Review By: Ashley Rae

For a while now, I’ve seen and heard much buzz surrounding the hearty yet healthy food served at this quiant little indoor/outdoor cafe Called Claires. Not to mention all the rave about the supposed “best complimentary oat cookies in the world.” You had me at complimentary. But I digress. Hearty and Healthy? sign me up.

Upon arriving, The wrap-around wooden porch was packed with hopefulls looking to fill their bellies with whatever goodness was wafting out of the kitchen and reaching all the way to the parking lot. Finding out we had a 30 min wait didnt phase my group of 4 since we were able to order specialty coffee drinks with the barista inside and browse the diverse menu. While waiting, we learned that Claires is THE ONLY fully sustainable resturant in San Diego. The walls are literally packed with blue jeans!  Major plus.

I settled on ordering the green scramble with seasoned red potatoes and a side of sour dough toast. The egg whites were fluffy and the vegtables hearty. Filled with perefectly cooked zucchini, fresh spinach, green onion, and topped with not just a few slices, but an entire half of an avacado. SCORE!

Claire’s sure knows how to dazzle with delicate herbs. The pesto drizzled througout the scramble is vegetarian, low carb, and bursting with basil, pine nuts, and picorino, which meshed well with the fresh feta hidden thoughout this majestic green breakfast. Another thing that stood out is the fact that I normally leave my sides of bread untouched. I was intrigued by the homemade blueberry jam served along side my carbs. Putting my curiosity to rest I dipped my knife first in the soft butter than in the jam only to find actual whole blurberries in it while spreading it on my toast. Surprisingly, I ate three whole pieces covered with this gorgeous marmalade.

When the bill came the blow was softened by you guessed it… those complmentary oat cookies I’ve heard so much about. Nearing my capacity of fullness, I still couldn’t resist. They were tugging at my heart strings. And boy were they worth it. Sweet, salty, and the texture of a buttery short bread. I ended up purchasing a bag of ten from the same smiley barista who was responsible for my caffine fix earlier. Somehow Claire’s walked right past security and grabbed a big ole’ chunk of my heart. This place has become an obvious favorite.

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  • Andie Nicole

    Best review, makes me want to go right now. Mmm I will definitely be trying this place.

    • 24 Dollar Burger

      You should definitely go check it out and let us know what you think when you do! Enjoy!

  • claire allison

    Just want to say thank you for all your kind words about our restaurant.
    Both Terrie and I are glad you had a tasty breakfast with us recently.


    Claire Allison

    Claire’s on Cedros
    246 N. Cedros
    Solana Beach, CA 92075