Dan’s Super Subs – Woodland Hills, Cali

Best subs in LA!
What I Ordered

Review By: Ricki Kahn –

Every time I visit my boyfriend Andrew in California (or when he visits me in New York), we have in-depth conversations of “all the super yummy meals” that we will get to have together.  For most people eating a meal isn’t a constant topic of conversation, but we love to share everything – that way we get to try as many things as we can possibly stomach.

Usually my California trips include long weekends to San Francisco, but this visit I was able to spend a week and a half, thus allowing me to venture down to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara for some Christmas festivities with the Andrew’s family.  And while I did get more than my fair share of English style home-cooked meals (his family is English), sometimes going out for a sandwich filled with lots of ‘stuff’ is all I need to hit the spot.  So if you happen to be in LA and are craving an intensely delicious sandwich, then Dan’s Super Subs is the place to go.

Located in Woodland Hills, this hole-in-the-wall is a favorite for both LA locals (and now myself).  Their eclectic variety of both classic and out-of-the-box sandwiches has enabled this sandwich shop to become rated as LA’s #1 Sub Shop.

Because Andrew is a somewhat regular, he always opts for a tuna sandwich. And while I happen to be a big fan of tuna, I just couldn’t ignore the crazy possibilities of sandwiches to try. That being said, there was NO WAY I would be able to eat an entire messy, gooey, fattening sandwich all by myself. Naturally we decided to share his favorite tuna sandwich with lettuce, tomato and pickles, and share the L.A. Street Pastrami sans the hot and spicy. Oh, and also kettle cooked salt and vinegar chips and a coke. Because who eats a sandwich without chips and a soda?

Though I am often skeptical of other people’s tuna (excluding my moms homemade, and of course my own) – I went along with this sandwich because in two plus years that I have known him, he has never had me try something that I didn’t like. Or rather that I didn’t LOVE.

So as I mentally prepared, I took my first bite and to my joyful surprise it was actually delicious! Just the way I like it, mildly citrus-y with just the right amount of mayonnaise. (I’m more of a mayo with my tuna girl, not so much tuna with my mayo.) And even though I’m not a big pickle fan, the crunch of lettuce, tomato and pickle was texturally very satisfying combined with the mushy tuna. There really is nothing like a good crunch.

One down, one to go. Now it was time to try the main event: The LA Street Pastrami. After shoveling in my first bite, all I can say is WOW. Seriously, WOW. I love pastrami as much as the next non-kosher Jew, but this was actually amazing. I usually take my pastrami on Jewish rye with some spicy mustard, but this heart attack in a bun was just so, so yummy. I mean what’s not to love about pastrami, bacon, cheese and grilled onions? Combine that life threatening combination of goods with the typical mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato and pickle and you’ve good heaven on a sandwich.

This sandwich was really everything you could ask for. It was greasy, gooey, creamy, crunchy, spicy and sweet – all at the same time. Amazing. Not wanting this feeling of unhealthy lunchtime bliss to subside, I alternated bites between that and the tuna sandwich. Add in a few sips of soda and chips and you’ve got perfection.

As incredibly satisfying as this meal was, this is not something you can make a regular happening. First off, you would probably go into cardiac arrest, and secondly meals that are this perfect are better as a rarity, in order to preserve the specialness. Luckily for me LA is a bit far to pop in for lunch weekly.