BrisketTown – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

BrisketTown - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
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Dave and I have been telling my Uncle D about our favorite restaurant in Williamsburg, St. Anselm, for over a year now. Finally, after much convincing, he agreed to take his first ever trip to Williamsburg (we know… we couldn’t believe it either) to try out our favorite steak in NY (sorry Peter Lugers). We headed out early on a Sunday evening, hoping for not too long of a wait. We even called on our way and they told us we should be good to go. Well, after sitting in traffic for about 45 minutes, we finally made it to St. Anselm, only to learn that we would have to wait another 2 hours to eat. Well, my Uncle D wouldn’t have any of that, so we were forced to head elsewhere.

As much as we love St. Anselm, Dave and I weren’t too upset, as now we got to pick a new place we’d never been to. The first choice on our list was BrisketTown. We’ve been meaning to check it out for a while, but are always too nervous to make the trip out only to find out that they are out of their famed brisket. Well, we called them, they told us they had plenty of brisket for us, and we headed over.

Dave ran ahead just in case there was any wait, and Uncle D and I took our time and enjoyed the walk. As I mentioned, he’d never been to Williamsburg, so I wanted to point out some of my favorite spots along Bedford. When we got to BrisketTown, Dave was holding a table for us, but the waitress told him to hold off on ordering (which you do at a counter in the back) until we arrived.

As soon as I walked in, I immediately liked the vibe of BrisketTown. It’s a fairly small restaurant, with a bar in the front, a counter in the back, and the menu written on a piece of paper taped up on the wall. Just the way I liked it! Brisket and Pork Ribs, along with some great sides, and an awesome looking wedge were our choices. We wanted to try it all, and that’s exactly what we ordered. Everything.

“Ohh, the guys in front of you just ordered the last of the brisket. I’m sorry! What else would you like,” said the waitress, as if there were anything else other than the brisket at BrisketTown that we wanted to try. I actually thought that Dave might start crying.

“The hostess told me to wait until everyone got here to order,” Dave argued. “She said we would be fine, I could have ordered 15 minutes ago and gotten us brisket!”

No one really knew what to say or what to tell us. They were out of brisket, and that was that. We were not happy, but at that point, we also weren’t going anywhere else.

We sat down with our pile of ribs, our wedge salad, and containers of beans, collard greens, and potato salad. And, a huge roll of paper towels (they seem to not use plates at BT).

Yes, we were disappointed. Yes, we were pissed. Yes, we went up to the counter about 5 more times to complain. But, besides the whole no brisket thing, the rest of our meal really was still awesome. The ribs had a thick rub on them, which packed a nice punch. They were fall off the bone and had the perfect amount of spice. We pretty much all said “wow” after taking our first bite. All of the sides were great too (though I don’t really love collard greens, so hard for me to judge those). The beans (which I think had brisket in them) could pretty much have been a whole meal on their own. The potato salad was some of the best I’ve ever had (I’m still eating leftovers). My only complaint about the food (again, other than the whole no brisket thing), was the fact that they don’t have BBQ sauce to put on their meat. I’m a sauce girl. I love to slather it on, and even though the ribs didn’t NEED any sauce, per se, I still would have liked to have some.

Somehow, someway, just as we were finishing up our meal, someone brought out a little sample plate of brisket to us. We have no idea how or where they found it and we don’t really care. We were getting to taste the famous BrisketTown brisket!!!! It was only a little bite for each of us, but that’s really all we needed to satisfy us for the night. Wow was it good. So tender and juicy and just that one little bite packed in so much flavor! I’m looking forward to going back for a big platter of that delicious brisket. Next time though, I’ll reserve my meat in advance… or at least check their website, Is There Meat Left?

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  • Wayne Mueller

    Delaney is serving central Texas BBQ and, while most central TX BBQ places will serve some sort of tomato-based sauce, it is usually provided only as a courtesy and isn’t typically necessary. of course it is your perogative to slather it with KC Masterpiece, but it sort of defeats the pupose of having Daniel cook the meat for 18 hours or however long it takes him.

    • 24 Dollar Burger

      I hear ya, and totally agree that his meat is great on its own without any type of sauce. I just happen to love BBQ sauce, so would have liked to have the option to use some.