Dos Caminos – Grammercy, NYC

Smoked brisket enchiladas!

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

Dave’s friends Brittany and Vic were coming to visit NYC to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. When we were trying to decide where to go to dinner, Brittany requested “a trendy Mexican restaurant similar to Mercadito in Chicago.” Ok, not necessarily our cup of tea, but we were up to the challenge. We did a little research and decided that Dos Caminos would be perfect. We had heard that only was it a cool and trendy spot, but the food was awesome too.

And everything we heard was true.

We decided on the Park location, and from the second we walked in and Brittany’s eyes lit up, we knew we had chosen a winner. The scene was exactly what she was looking for, and now all we had to do was taste the food. First things first though, we ordered our drinks. We all shared a pitcher of sangria, and then each couple ordered a margarita to share as well. Dave and I decided on the Durango with house-infused three chili el jimador blanco, papaya, and agave. The spicy margarita on the menu. My favorite. It was very spicy and very delicious.

When it came time to order our meals, we agreed to all share, on the one condition that we didn’t get anything that was too spicy. Vic does not do well with spice. Well, if you know me and Dave, you know we love our spice (Dave mores so than me even), so we couldn’t totally give it up, but we agreed to keep it to a minimum. We started with their traditional guacamole, medium heat. It was delicious and in our opinion, not spicy at all. It was a little too much for Vic though. The guac came with chips (obviously) and then also with a trio of salsas. The hottest one was too hot for me, but the other two were great.

For our entrees, we ordered the Mar y Tierra Tacos (grilled, marinated skirt steak, tecate battered rock shrimp, sriracha aioli, and bacon guacamole in flour tortillas), the Smoked Brisket Enchiladas (layered enchiladas of smoked beef brisket, chihauhua cheese, chiltomate salsa, and crema mexicana), and then last but not least, the Short Ribs Tamarindo (braised beef short ribs, tamarind, chile de arbol, and lime-cured onions). Ok, that is a lot of ingredients that I’m not really familiar with, but all I have to say was that all three entrees were excellent (and unfortunately for Vic, all pretty spicy).

The Mar y Tierra tacos were definitely my favorite, but all of the dishes had such great flavor. Not only that, but each one of them put a great spin on their more typical Mexican counterparts. The atmosphere at Dos Caminos was really fun and the food was equally great, which in my opinion doesn’t happen very often. Now I know why everyone speaks so highly of Dos Caminos (and why there’s so many of them throughout the city!).