East End Bar & Grill – UES, NYC

I want another order of these right now.

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

A few weeks ago, Dave and I went to Providence and Newport, Rhode Island for the weekend. We took a bus there, and on our way we made a new friend who just so happened to live around the corner from us AND own a bar around the corner from us (just to clarify, he does not live in the bar).

Last night was the kick-off to the NFL season (aka Dave’s favorite day of the year), and the Giants were playing, so we knew we had to go out for it. We wanted to stay somewhat close to home, so we thought that our new friend Kenny’s bar, East End Bar & Grill, would be perfect. Plus, they have great Wednesday night special (WWW – Wings, Wine, and Wells), so it was really a no-brainer.

We walked in and Kenny recognized us right away. He ushered us to the only two open seats at the bar (and maybe the only open seats in the whole place – lucky us!). The first thing we did was order their beer special of the night. A $12 pitcher of Miller Light. Once we were settled in with our drinks, we were ready to order. Kenny had told us that East End Bar & Grill has a huge menu and awesome wings, and he was not lying. So many of the menu items looked awesome, which made it difficult for us to decide (if you haven’t learned already, we are beer, wings, and burger people, so we were pretty much in heaven).

We started with an order of Buffalo Chicken Wontons. Buffalo chicken wrapped in a light flaky crust served with a side of buffalo sauce and blue cheese? Um, yes please. They were awesome. I wish I could have an order of them right now. I am really having a hard time imagining something better than a buffalo wing wrapped up in a wonton and served with blue cheese. So far, so good.

For our entree, we got 10 wings (5 Thai Chili and 5 East End – As recommended by Kenny) and we got the Breakfast Burger which is topped with pepper jack cheese, bacon, an over-easy egg, and is served on texas toast. The wings were awesome and so were both of the sauces. I liked the thai chili better, as it was a little less spicy, but both were as good as any other wing sauces I’ve had (maybe with the exception of the wing sauce at Pok Pok, but that is really just in another league all together). Another great thing about the wings from East End Bar & Grill is that if you want 20 of them, you can order their 20 wing sampler and get 4 different sauces (most places only allow two). I love trying different sauces, so this is a huge bonus for me.

The burger was pretty great too. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with pepper jack cheese, and you most certainly can’t go wrong with a fried egg. The only thing that was missing was the fact that our burger didn’t actually come on Texas toast. It was a pretty busy night so maybe they were out of it or maybe they just forgot, but thinking back to my breakfast sandwich on Texas toast this past weekend at Biscuits in Marthas Vineyard, I just know the Texas toast would have made a big difference.

The good news is that I can assure you I will be back to East End Bar & Grill (I think it might be one of our new go-to spots), so I’m sure I’ll get to try the burger on Texas toast at some point. Oh, and a little insider tip for you… We were told that they are re-doing their menu, which will now include… stuffed burgers. Wow, sign me up.