Elia – Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Elia - Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
What I Ordered

Review By: Julianne Di –

After having it on our list for a while, we finally made it to Elia, the very small Greek restaurant in Bay Ridge with great Zagat ratings. After the bartender boasted that the Mojito was his signature drink, we had to start the night off with one. It was fantastic!

Now service here is a little slow but it was pretty busy and a Saturday night so I’m not sure if it was an off night or if it’s always that way, so I guess I’ll have to go back to test that out. Luckily, the wait staff here is pretty good looking, so I’m sure any group of single females won’t mind the wait (I will just have my fiancé pretend he didn’t read that!).

For an appetizer we had Pastichio. The best way that I can describe it is that it is to call it something like a Greek lasagna. There was chopped lamb and beef with layers of cheese and feta noodles. They served it hot and it looked similar to French onion soup with the melted cheese over it. When we dug in we could taste the feta, lamb, cilantro and yogurt béchamel sauce – the textures were delicious. I just wish the serving size was bigger so I have ordered it for an entrée- it was that good!

For my meal I ordered Kotopoulo, a roasted half chicken on a bed of lemon fingerling potatoes topped with red onions. The potatoes were okay, the lemon flavor was good but I like my potatoes more on the brown and roasted side. These seemed like that were boiled and then the flavor was added on after. The chicken was good but there was not enough sauce to keep it flavorful. It also could have used a bit more salt. After such an amazing appetizer, I was expecting an expertly grilled and seasoned chicken. I didn’t end up even finishing the dish, so instead, I decided to take advantage of the dessert menu.

I ordered the Galaktoboureko for dessert, a semolina custard with crispy phyllo dough that’s been soaked in a tart syrup. On top was fresh whipped cream and strawberries. It was so sweet but absolutely delicious. The sugary syrup with the crispy phyllo is an amazing combination. The citrus flavored syrup added a little bit of tartness to the sugar and balanced it out. I would definitely try this restaurant again.

Even though I was not crazy about my entrée, the dessert definitely helped me forget about it. Between the appetizer and dessert I was really in love with the flavors and this is definitely a great neighborhood Greek restaurant. I’m looking to trying some of the other great looking dishes.

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