Elizabeth Walle

Elizabeth Walle - Denver, CO

I am a writer currently living in Denver, Colorado. As a child, I was a stubbornly picky eater– among many other things, I refused to eat sandwiches, which seems unimaginable and almost evil in retrospect. Luckily, my palate suddenly matured in my teens and I discovered that I immensely enjoy all the foods I previously feared–sushi, hot sauce, oysters, curry, the dreaded sandwich–the list goes on.

I really came to know the joy of  finding the best local restaurants and ordering adventurously during my time living in New Orleans and then later Paris, two cities with a strong culinary identity and a lot of great dining options. Nowadays, I’ll taste anything once, but I only go in for round two if it really is good.

In Denver I found a lot more variety than I expected. When I moved here, I assumed it would be all pizza, nachos, and (my personal favorite) breakfast burritos. But Denver proved me wrong with its wide variety of cuisines and a rapidly growing “foodie” scene. As a young, not-so-starving writer, I tend to keep things on the affordable side, but if I’m going to shell out for anything, it’ll be food. I am loving the taste of the Mile High City–and I really appreciate that in Denver, there’s almost always a stellar selection of beer to inaugurate or accompany my meal.

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