Ella Cafe – Plantation, Florida

ella cafe frittata
What I Ordered

ella waffle cup

Pictured  is a dulce de leche waffle cup filled with a double shot of espresso, served with their signature mini cookie. 

ella cafe frittata

Pictured is a breakfast special. It is a spinach and Parmesan frittata, garnished with a blistered tomato and basil leaf. 

ella carrot cake

Pictured is an iced latte with the homemade carrot cake muffin. 

In Short: Overall, Ella's is the perfect place to sit down with friends and enjoy a nice afternoon coffee and treat! 

Oh where to begin….. There is so many things I want to say. Ella Cafe truly is a hidden gem situated away in a Ft. Lauderdale shopping center. It looks like an ordinary shop from the outside, but as soon as you walk in, you know it is so much more. Customer service is a top priority to Ella’s management and staff. After frequenting the cafe a few times, they had already memorized my name and order. This may seem like a minuscule detail, but its something that keeps you coming back. It gives you a feeling of belonging to your hometown community.

The coffee is one of a kind at Ella’s. It is smooth and creamy. The espresso has flowery, nutty, and cocoa flavors throughout; this pairs delightfully with their signature macadamia milk, that is oh so creamy. If you are a hard core coffee lover, than the nitro cold brew is for you. It is pretty much a cup of straight espresso with a creamy flare, due to the added nitrogen. The only thing that makes their coffee better is to pair it with one of their desserts! My personal favorites are definitely the warm chocolate chip cookie  and the vanilla cupcake with latte frosting. They are now beginning to serve breakfast and lunch options as well,  such as:  frittatas, Greek salads, and bruschetta. FYI, the frittata is out of this world, just like everything else on their menu!