Eric Hoover

Eric Hoover - Philadelphia, PA

I was raised in a large, Italian American family where food was at the center of everything. Someone’s getting married? Let’s eat! Oh no, someone passed away? We better eat to feel better. Since we were located in North Jersey (that part of NJ that thinks it’s NYC, not to be confused with the part of NJ that thinks it’s Philly) everyone from second cousins to Grandma and PopPop were within a 15 minute drive. Sundays were for homemade meatballs and gravy (we don’t call it sauce) with enough pasta to feed an army.After spending the last 7 years as a resident of Montreal, Brooklyn and Philadelphia, I’d like to think I’ve experienced a stunning range of exquisite cuisines along with delicious home cooking. I’m not a snack snob, however. Pick a neighborhood in New York, MTL or Philadelphia – I’ll help you find a great meal for $15 or less. Or, let’s go to Shop Rite and we’ll come up with something of our own.

Twitter: @ericmichaelh

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