Fellini’s Pizza – Buckhead, Atlanta

Fellini's Pizza - Buckhead, Atlanta
What I Ordered
  • Fellini Special Pizza
  • Ham and Pineapple Pizza
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon

In Short: I absolutely loved the Fellini Special. The combination of toppings made this slice of pizza unforgettable. I think if I had the ham and pineapple pizza first, it would have tied for first but after starting with the Fellini special, my mind was already set. It is so cool that you can order by the slice here and try so many different options! It didn’t hurt either that I had a nice cold beverage wash it down with.

Everyone knows the reputation of New York and Chicago style pizzas, but not many would consider a pizza place from Georgia to rank among the best. Comparing a classic thin crust from Manhattan or a legendary deep dish from the Windy City to a southern style pizza might seem laughable to pizza aficionados. Those folks have not yet tried Fellini’s.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Fellini’s Pizza is well known to locals as THE place  to eat pizza. With seven locations conveniently nestled around Atlanta, it’s hard not to find one minutes away from wherever you might be. My favorite spot is the Buckhead location on Peachtree Road due to the vibrancy of the neighborhood and the awesome patio!

While the majority of the Fellini’s menus is pizza strictly pizza, it does offer a salad with a variety of fresh ingredients, which is a nice to have to go along with your slice (or pie). There’s also a cheese calzone option allowing for a change, but I hardly looked twice at it knowing pizza was their specialty.

With five specialty pizzas on the menu, it made it tough to decide what to order. I liked knowing I had the option to order slices  ($2.75) or a whole pizza depending on how hungry I was.  With the generous portion sizes I opted for two single slices to try two of the favorites, the Fellini Special and the Ham and Pineapple. Both were delicious and lived up to their reputation. The crust and sauce were just right with plenty of cheese.

The drink prices were cheap and beer was ideal to have while out on the patio eating some pizza. There are few better combinations than pizza and beer. I fell in love with the concept of ordering a wine or beer at Fellini’s. You can pay for an IOU drink with your order. So when your ready you can give your IOU ticket to any worker and they’ll bring your drink, skipping the waiting in line aspect, which was ideal.

All of their locations are open until midnight Monday through Saturday with some locations even open until 2:00 AM (for those late night munchies). Whether you’re grabbing a meal with friends or getting it to go, Fellini’s is worth the stop. While others might prefer Chicago style, it made my top five list of favorite pizzas, and is the ideal pizza destination in the ATL.

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