Fushimi – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

What could be better than a trio of creme brulee?

Review By: Julianne Di –

My boyfriend’s whole family (and I mean whole family – there were 18 of us), decided to celebrate his sister’s birthday at Fushimi for Japanese.  My boyfriend and I were the first to arrive and settle at the bar for some drinks. I LOVE Sangria and they have a ton of great flavors here – the Pomegranate was good but the Peach was my favorite, lychee sounded interesting as well though unfortunately I couldn’t try all of them (I’m a light weight!).

I had to call multiple times to change our reservation and the staff was beyond great about it. Everything was perfect when we arrived and throughout our entire meal. The service was extremely quick, and we definitely didn’t make it easy for them. Everyone seemed to be at a different point in their meals throughout the evening  – some of us were ordering drinks, while others were ordering apps, and others were ordering entrees. Between that and the fact that we had such a large party on such a busy night, I was very impressed by the great service we got.

The best part of going out to eat with so many people, of course, is the number of different dishes (especially apps) that you’re able to try. The Filet Mignon Carpaccio was juicy and tender. The spring rolls were good, though the dipping sauce was nothing to die for. The roasted duck, however, was my favorite. It was pieces of shredded duck, shredded vegetables and honestly, I couldn’t even tell you what else was in the dish because I was so busy stuffing forkfuls of it down my throat and hoping whoever ordered it (not me!) wouldn’t notice that I was stealing their whole meal!

For the main course, my boyfriend ordered a bunch of different rolls and I decided on the steak teriyaki. To be honest, I made my pick because I always feel bad when someone else is picking up the bill and this was the cheapest item on the menu. So, suffice to say, I didn’t set my expectations too high. Mauricio’s (my bf) sushi came out first so I took a bite of his Rainbow Roll. I’m not much of a fish eater (I know I am Italian and I don’t eat fish blah blah) but wow was this delicious. Lately, I’ve been going out of my way to include some fish and seafood in my meals in hopes of acquiring a taste for it. This rainbow roll made it easy for me. It had salmon, tuna, avocado and crab inside and it was so good that I kind of wished I had ordered it for myself. Luckily, I have a very generous boyfriend who likes to share.

My steak was served with roasted vegetables and teriyaki sauce on the side. Remember, I had very low expectations going into this dish, but after taking my first bite, I was in love. Best teriyaki I have ever had, hands down. The last time I enjoyed Japanese food this much was at Sushi Samba. Between the amazing food, fantastic decor, and fun music at Fushimi, I think I definitely found a winner. Whether you’re looking for a night out with the girls or a romantic date-night place, this is a great place to try.

By now you’re probably noticing that most of my meals usually follow a pattern and I  tend to pick the same ingredients over and over again: lamb, crème brulee, and sangria are my absolute favorites and I always gravitate toward them. So can you guess what I had for dessert? A trio of crème brulee! There was vanilla, coffee, and green tea. The coffee was by far my favorite and they avoided the burnt sugar taste which is always a plus.  It was great to get to enjoy a good meal with good company. And the other 17 diners I was with seemed to agree as well.

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