Goldie’s LA – Mid-City West, LA

Good atmosphere, not-so-good food.

Review By: Alex Dukhovny

I visited Goldie’s on two separate occasions, once for just drinks and another for food and beverages. The only positive thing about this place is its use of the space. The restaurant has a nice open patio and a cozy and warm dining area. The bar is busy with hustle and bustle, and probably would not be too bad if the drinks were worth the stay.

The first thing you see when you walk into Goldie’s is spots. Well, to be more precise, polka dots. Lots and lots of black and white polka dots. All the wait staff is dressed in a black (maybe dark blue) with white polka dot shirts. One should be cautioned not to stare directly into the polka dot outfits as you could be momentarily hypnotized by them and miss the less than stellar service, the flavorless menu, overly complex and poorly mixed drinks along with customers who try their earnest to appreciate this new and hip place. Telling themselves that the idea behind this place is great and they must be doing something right. But in the end, it is all lies and self delusions.

The menu offers such items as Fried Squid, Burrata, Kohlrabi and English Peas as well as other equally impressive sounding items. The trouble of course comes after you taste the items ordered. For instance, the Fried Squid is simply breaded calamari that has absolutely no seasoning. My guess is that they were breaded a few days ago, frozen, and cooked to order. And not cooked very well, I must add. The Burrata, which comes with grilled watermelon and tomatoes, as well as toasted milk has no balance. It is sweet upon sweet without any acid or salt. The burrata itself… well, let’s just say if that was good burrata then Taco Bell is a gourmet restaurant. As for the Kohlrabi and English peas; the dish prompted us to ask for salt to be brought to the table. Even then, that only helped a little. The salad-type appetizer had no flavor at all. The kohlrabi itself was not even mixed in. The slices were stuck together on the bottom of the awkward bowl which it was served in and covered by thinly sliced cucumbers and alfalfa.

Our server was absentminded and it took a good 20 minutes for her to take our first order. Meanwhile, she was visiting every table next to us. Sometime later, a second server stepped in to assist, but he was not much better.

Now, I am not one to pass up on a dessert, even a relatively simple dessert, but nothing on that menu made me want to spend an extra second at Goldie’s let alone absorb extra calories, which frankly, I could have used as I left the restaurant hungry.

This has truly been one of the worst overall meals I have had in a very long time. Even if you consider the cost and the atmosphere, which I liked, it still wasn’t worth it.

Photo Credit: The Delicious Life,