Green Eggs Cafe – South Philly

Green Eggs Cafe - Midtown Village, Philly

Review By: Eric Hoover –

Being seated at any one of Green Eggs Cafe‘s Three Philadelphia locations for Sunday brunch is a challenge only those with endurance, and the ability to stand for over an hour, can manage. Luckily, it was a week day, and I happen to live a couple of blocks from this particular establishment in South Philly. Don’t misconstrue what I’m saying about the wait at Green Eggs Cafe Midtown Village (Center City), South Philly, or Northern Liberties – it’s not a complaint but a testament to how people are willing to be seated so long after arriving for the food – it’s just that good.

The menus at all locations are identical, so I’m never worried about what to have. There were also four co-workers tagging along who were all starving and immediately ordered way too much food, but as I recall no one took left overs back, since there weren’t any.

I kicked my appetite into high gear by ordering a very large and freshly squeezed OJ before the food arrived. It really does feel decedent stretching out an hour-long lunch break, sitting on the sidewalks of Philly under a warm sun, sipping fresh juice. I really hope my boss doesn’t read that last sentence.

As usual, no matter how packed the business is their food always comes out quickly. There were glistening eggs, plump potatoes and the greenest of green spinach on my plate – but of course I ignored all of this at first and dove into the marinated hangar steak without delay. Pretty sure I let out an audible expletive of pleasure after taking my first bite. What can I say, sometimes I really, really, really love food.

Explaining to all you readers how perfect this steak was doesn’t do it justice. I never order steak out. 95% of the time you’re presented with a chunk of dry, month old meat that is overcooked and under-flavored. If I want a steak, I go to Esposito’s Meats in South Philly’s Italian Market, grab a couple of skirt steaks from the butcher, and cook them myself. On this particular afternoon, after spending half the week in an advertising office re-writing web copy to comply with legal regulations, I craved savory red meat. This was a gamble in my mind, but it paid off.

I could tell you about how soft the eggs were, how warm the toasted buttery bread felt in my mouth, and spinach that almost didn’t get eaten (it was hidden under the steak and went unnoticed for some time), but we came for the meat, and we were pleased.

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