Haiku – Short North, Columbus

My favorite sushi ever.

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

I went to Haiku at least once a week growing up. It was my all-time favorite sushi place. So when I came back to Columbus to visit, it was obviously my first stop after getting picked up at the airport. My mom pretty much didn’t even have to ask me where I wanted to go for lunch. She just drove straight there.

Besides the sushi itself, there are two things that I love about Haiku. 1) They have pretty much the best outdoor seating area ever… complete with a little pond, pretty white lights all around, and… well that’s it, but isn’t that enough? 2) At every table inside they have paper and pencils so that customers can write notes and comments about the restaurant, the food, and really whatever else they want. They have clothespins hanging all over the walls so you can then hang up your note. So cool!

And then there’s the food. No matter what I get it’s always soo soo good. My only complaint is that they don’t have brown rice, but whatever, it’s fine. I love it just the same. I’ve had about every roll and special roll at Haiku, but this time, I just went with my go-to basic roll. Salmon and avocado. And a miso soup, of course. Everything was so fresh and just as good as I remembered. Maybe even better (if that’s possible).

I’ve had sushi all over the country, and even the world… and maybe it’s the nostalgia talking, but in my opinion, no one’s doing it as good as Haiku <3 <3