Hanjan – Flatiron, New York

What I Ordered
  • Autumn Salad
  • Fresh Killed Chicken Skewers
  • Kimchi & Beef Brisket Fried Rice w. Egg

In Short: If you're looking to take your first steps into the wonderful world of Korean food, this is the place to go. Classic dishes with familiar, yet bold flavors makes for a perfect introduction to a new cuisine.

Two foodies enter a small, contemporary Korean restaurant situated in the Flatiron District, perfect for a Friday night date. After several sushi dates, it was only a matter of time before they ventured onto one of Asia’s other favorite cuisines.

Hanjan has a modern and cozy feel, featuring rustic wood, industrial metal and edison light bulbs, creating a sophisticated, yet charming backdrop. The stylish environment blends into the fresh take on Korean cuisine, which was delicious and attractive. Much like my date.

Our first dish was the Autumn salad, featuring a blend of radicchio, micro kale, apple, and chestnuts. The presentation was divine: layers of green and purple lettuces, surrounded by thinly cut apple slices and topped with shaved cheese, served on an artsy ceramic dish. The natural bitterness of the radicchio and micro kale juxtaposed delightfully with the sweetness of the apple. The flavor profile was reminiscent of a refurbished Waldorf salad — a favorite of ours — with just the right amount of Asian flare. The chestnuts were a pleasant surprise, adding both a unique flavor and textural element to the dish. Needless to say, this dish was the perfect precursor to a dazzling and vivid meal ahead.

With the healthy aspect of the meal checked off, it was time for some much needed protein: the freshly-killed chicken breasts on skewers. While the title seemed somewhat graphic for our tastes, this simply plated chicken tasted as fresh as advertised, which was showcased by the light seasoning of salt and pepper with a tiny garlic mixture for garnish. I think we both would have enjoyed another order, but we knew that our main course was expected shortly.

The Kimchi & Brisket fried rice came out sizzling — just as any true Korean rice dish should. In our opinion, the first and best part of eating Asian food is with your ears, and we definitely experienced that. And then we saw the masterpiece, which was topped with a sunny-side up egg, and it was game over. We let the dish relax in front of us, as we took in the aromas and melodies that were emitting from the scorching platter. The delay in devouring was strategized for ultimate crispness of the bottom layer of the rice, and boy did this wait pay its dividends. We both partook in the delectable semi-spicy focal point of the meal. The runny egg combined with the juicy brisket and crisp rice formed the perfect bite, all while washing it down with red wine – a perfect pairing for Korean food.

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