High Street on Market – Old City, Philadelphia

What I Ordered:
  • Hickory Town
  • Pastrami & Hash

In Short: What seems like weird ingredients thrown into sandwich form is actually the greatest tasting breakfast sandwich we have ever had. 

After (not so) grueling months of searching, just when we thought we had decided on the best breakfast sandwich in Philadelphia, all we had ever known to be true changed by a chew of the mouth. Succeeding our weekly Sunday brunch ritual, #SandieSunday, we ventured into the city. We like to believe that calories don’t count on the weekends. We wandered into High Street on Market in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- an extremely tiny, packed restaurant. Despite being crowded, we were seated within ten minutes.

As we sat down (very close to the couples next to us) we looked at the menu. The items weren’t comprised of your typical breakfast sandwich components. There were only three options for sandwiches (we picked the two with meat in them, even though the third mushroom option sounded yummy). We ordered the Hickory Town and Pastrami & Hash sandies. The Pastrami & Hash was pretty good- it had shaved pastrami, spiced hash, roasted peppers & onions, farm egg, and Russian dressing. The description reminded me of a Reuben in breakfast form, so my hopes and appetite were large.

We then we took a bite of the Hickory Town. Lancaster bologna, farm egg, amish horseradish cheddar, gherkin mayo, and fried red onion. We honestly thought that we were going to like the Pastrami & Hash more than the Hickory Town, but boy were we wrong. My boyfriend and I both took a bite at the same time. Our eyes instantly locked, and we were simultaneously mouthgasm-ing. The words we then muttered from our half-stuffed mouths: “this is the best breakfast sandie we have ever tasted.” What about it made it the best, you might ask?

Let’s start with the rolls. They’re house made, poppy seed, and the perfect density. We heard a woman sitting at the table next to us ask the waiter if she could have her sandie on a bagel instead, to which he responded “a bagel is not worthy of this sandwich.” We laughed at his adamant reaction at first, but after eating we understood. I guess the customer isn’t always right! The egg was runny, like we like it, the mayo added the perfect amount of flavor, and the fried red onions on top were crispy and perfectly deep fried. The bologna didn’t taste like your typical grocery store, sliced meat. These sandwiches are definitely made with purpose- every single ingredient works together to create a delicious, complex taste that works phenomenally together.

The only negative of High Street on Market besides not being seated right away (which isn’t even a big deal to us) was that the price of this sandie wasn’t cheap- eleven dollars is pretty steep compared to most of the sandies we have tried. The Pastrami & Hash was even all the way up to thirteen dollars. It is completely worth the money, though, because of the freshness, quality, and overall deliciousness of the ingredients. The restaurant had more of a coffee shop, hipster vibe than anything fancy, too. We’ve definitely noticed that the smallest restaurants have been the most delicious so far.

I can’t recommend this place more. Though sparse, all of the menu items looked phenomenal. I mean, this place somehow makes their yogurt menu item sound delicious. This place is THE game changer of breakfast sandies in Philadelphia. Even if you’re on a budget, I’d save up to taste the Hickory Town at least once.

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