Hopdoddy Burger Bar – SoCo, Austin

Hopdoddy Burger Bar - SoCo Austin
What I Ordered

Review By: Laura Lee

Hopdoddy’s is a gourmet burger joint located in the heart of the very hip, and trendy SOCO Austin area. It doesn’t matter what time or what day you decide to dine here, you can always expect a line outside wrapped around the building and you can always expect to wait a while. If you’re in the right mind set, and you’re a local, you won’t mind this at all. This is South Austin. We wait in lines for hours for Gourmet burgers, it’s just what we do.

Luckily you’re located in a great people watching spot. If you’re there with friends, you may even partake in some browsing in the local shops that line the streets. Don’t get too excited when you finally reach the door though, because all you have really reached is, wait for it…… the INSIDE line! But breathe, now you get to stand in line against the fully stocked bar. Yes, you can order and sip on one of the many local beers/spirits offered such as Deep Eddy Vodka, Tito’s, and 512 Brew, while you wait.

If you are as proud as I am to be an Austinite, you will love the décor. Local musicians portraits adorn the walls, as well as beautiful snippets from the city of Austin. If you are local, you’ll be proud you live here, and if you’re visiting, you’ll capture the essence of what the city is really about. Good music, good food, awesome people! Once you are finally to the register, a wait staff member will give you an assigned table number to locate your table after you’ve place your order.

All of the waiters are very helpful with suggestion from the menu. I consider myself quite the foodie and usually bully whoever I’m with into choosing something we both agree on and sharing everything. That way, I can double my experience. This time, my dining partner and I ordered The Primetime Burger, which was made with Texas Akaushi Beef. They prepare this beef medium rare and serve it with Brie cheese, aioli truffle, arugula, caramelized onions, and steak sauce. There are few trigger words for me as a foodie that scream SIGN ME UP, I don’t care what else is on it. This burger had three trigger words. Brie. Truffle. Caramelized. Yes please! The Greek Burger was made with lamb, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, and Tzatski sauce. We ordered the Kennebec fries, and the truffle fries.

While we waited for our order to arrive, we treated ourselves to the Caramel and Sea Salt milkshake, and the Nutella and chocolate pretzel shake. At first, I was little hesitant to order the nutella/pretzel shake. I like both of these things, but in a milkshake? The waiter convinced us to order it, as it was his favorite! Holy smokes am I glad I did. That shake rocked my face off. It changed my life. It made me wanna drive to California and slap my mama. The pretzel pieces were still crunchy despite being in the shake, and the nutella was the perfect balance of sweet and salty. It was my favorite part of this whole dining experience. The Caramel and Sea Salt (*TRIGGER WORD*) shake was a very close second. Despite the name, this shake had just the right amount of sweet and salty as well.

The truffle Fries were double the price of the Kennebec fries, and offered the promise of parmesan and garlic. Can’t go wrong there, right? Wrong. They were tasteless despite the extra flavor. I actually preferred the more traditional Kennebec fries. I also wouldn’t order the Queso as a side. I am a Texas Native, and have had my fair share of Queso to accompany breakfast, lunch, and dinner. SO this cowgirl was not impressed. When it comes to Hopdoddy’s fries just stick to the good ole Kennebec.

Now what we’ve all been waiting for, those delicious burgers. The Greek Burger is exactly what it sounds like. It is almost like having a greek salad on a bun. Toss in the lamb, and you have gold. The meat was so tender it practically melted in your mouth. The Primetime Burger in my opinion was the better of the two. The Akaushi beef has such a great, seasoned, juicy flavor. I am crazy about Brie, and they had the perfect amount melted on top. The caramelized onions partnered fabulously with the steak sauce. There wasn’t too much sauce when it was hot off the press, however towards the end of the meal, my last few bites were a little soggy. So I definitely recommended the Primetime fresh, maybe not so much for a to-go order, or for leftovers.

All in all, very friendly wait staff, great food, and plenty of good Austin vibes and juju floating around. I suggest making an evening out of it, and not being in a hurry. You will enjoy your experience here if you do not have an agenda, and you go with the flow!

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