In-N-Out Burger – Los Angeles, CA

In-N-Out Burger - Los Angeles, CA
What I Ordered

Review By: Kimberly Fisher

There are certain things in life I can’t live without:


My phone.

And In and Out Burger.

Without actually tasting a burger from In and Out, you have no idea how incomplete your life is. Yes, it is a drive thru. Yes, it has a very small, limited menu. Yes, it is literally the best burger on the planet.

I do enjoy a great Kobe Beef burger from the Beverly Hills Hotel, but nothing comes close to the extreme ecstasy you will get from an In and Out Burger. The freshness of the products, the diner-style interiors, the always smiling staff, and the speedy drive thru just adds to the In and Out ambiance. Just wait until you take the first bite of the fresh, juicy, 100% beef patty, the way it combines with the crisp lettuce and the sweet tomatoes on a warmly toasted bun…mmmm…..

Favorite dish, hands down = protein-style cheeseburger.