Isles Bun & Coffee – Uptown, Minneapolis

Best buns... ever

Review By: Nikki Yeager –

With three feet of snow on the ground during a typically Minnesotan winter, I trudged out of my Minneapolis hotel during the early morning with an itinerary a mile long. I had one day to see the city before returning to work and I was going to see as much as humanly possible.

Before doing anything, I needed fuel. So I hopped on Yelp and tried to find a café near the Chain of Lakes that was open early enough to fit into my crammed schedule. One place in particular came up for “Early Sunday morning café” and that place was Isles Buns.

So Isles Buns it was.

I managed to squeeze in behind five other customers at 7:30am and was immediately absorbed by the warm, sweet smelling room. Walking into Isles Buns is like walking into a toaster. A really comfortable, non-burning toaster.

Behind the counter I could see baking racks crammed together side by side and gooey rolls being continuously frosted by one of the three employees on duty. In a glass case there were rows of cinnamon buns, caramel sticky buns, caramel pecan buns, buns galore!

So I walked up to the counter and ordered a cinnamon bun and a latte.

A few seconds later, both items were in my hands. I found myself a warm chair and opened my bun-box to examine the food inside. That cinnamon bun had to be as big as a baby’s head. But much softer. So soft, my fingers left indents on the sides when I touched it.

And somehow it seemed to defy science. Despite the fact it was maybe 12 degrees outside and my bun had been out of the oven for at least twenty minutes, it was just as warm and gooey when I bit into it as the second it was baked. I have no idea how they do it.

In the end, I’d like to say I savored every second of it but that would be a lie. Instead I sucked that thing down in about two minutes, which is an impressive feat if you’ve ever seen a bun this size. It was just too good to resist. To top it off I took a swig of my latte – just as creamy and delicious as the specialty coffee shop I normally go to.

And as I pulled my coat and hat back on, I smiled. Because that warm cinnamon bun was sitting in my stomach keeping me warm as I entered back into the cold weather in Uptown, Minneapolis. Overall, the perfect start to a perfectly Minnesotan day.

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