Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA

Great atmosphere at JB's

Review By: Eric Hoover

Johnny Brenda’s, located at the tragically hip Fishtown intersection of Frankford Ave. and Girard, is known for great shows, good beers on tap, and cheap prices. The venue itself hasn’t been updated much in its years of business, even as the area surrounding it has gone from “You probably shouldn’t go there alone after dark” to a place for tourists and suburbanites to explore on weekend mornings. This ability to remain fun and unaffected by fluctuating rents is only part of what makes JB’s a fantastic spot for brunch, lunch or a late night stop on your stumble home.

In this case, Sunday morning brunch was at the top of our to-do list…with not much else following. The Apple Pancakes looked extra appealing, especially since I couldn’t actually remember the last time I ate a pancake. After waiting slightly too long for the food, which was not that major of a hassle (the weakness of their coffee was really the only hassle), a stack of perfectly whipped up pancake batter topped with caramelized apple chunks and a side of thick cut bacon made its appearance.

For some reason I thought the apples would be inside the pancakes, but I was pleasantly surprised when they came out on top instead. Once everything was covered in maple syrup (it was real syrup not the grocery store junk) I efficiently devoured every last piece, which had that perfect pancake crispness outside, while remaining soft and warm inside for the entire meal.

After hearing rave reviews of Johnny Brenda’s brunch from others, I was thrilled to finally experience it and not be disappointed. I also hear the Bacon, Egg & Cheese is worth writing about – so there may be more to come.

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