Julianne Noyola

Julianne Di

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, studying writing at Hunter College and getting my Master’s Degree in English Literature. Growing up Italian, I had no choice but to love food! With Manhattan as my college campus, I have expanded my palate to include many different types, styles, and cultural dishes.

Although New York has some of the most amazing places to eat in the world, I love traveling and have had some amazing dishes in Canada, France, Ireland, and Scotland. I look forward to sharing all of my food adventures with 24 Dollar Burger. In addition to being a foodie, I also love working as a Beachbody Coach and love doing Cize Live in my spare time.

Feel free to contact me with any food ideas or opinions at takecontrolfitnessnyc@gmail.com. (www.takecontrolfitness.nyc)

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