Juliette – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

My mom and me at Juliette!

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

Even though I was still full from breakfast at Bocado Cafe and I think even dinner the night before at Red Rooster, I had made my mom wait until 2pm for lunch and she couldn’t wait any longer. As much as I’m all about the food, my mom is all about the atmosphere at a restaurant. She’s not a very picky eater (I guess that’s where I get it from) and will take a nice outdoor patio over an awesome meal any day.

We stumbled upon Juliette and as soon as she saw the rooftop seating/garden, she was sold. We had to eat there. Juliette is actually right next to Egg, which I’ve heard is awesome for brunch. But, Egg doesn’t have a rooftop garden, so as far as my mom was concerned, it was not an option.

Juliette is a little french bistro, and while I don’t really love french food, I figured I wasn’t that hungry anyway, so if it would  make my mom happy, then it was fine. I will admit that it was a very cute and charming place though. The inside had a garden room and a very quaint atmosphere, and the roof really was awesome.

The first thing on the menu that jumped out to me was the Croque-Monsieur, which is basically a french grilled cheese with ham. Not gonna lie, whenever I see this on a menu I always think of the movie “It’s Complicated” with Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin. On Meryl’s first date with Steve, she makes him one and every time I watch it (which I will admit, has been a lot of times), I always wish she was making ME a croque-monsieur :(

I was planning on adding an egg and making it a Croque-Madame,  however, when I told our waitress what I was thinking she said that this was one of her least favorite items on the menu and that it tasted like a really greasy grilled cheese. Jeez, tell me how you really feel! Just kidding – I actually love when I go to a restaurant and the waiter or waitress gives me their honest opinion about what I’m planning to order. There’s nothing worse than asking what’s good on the menu and the waitress telling you “everything.” I mean, come on.

So, after she gave me her very honest opinion, I obviously trusted her immediately and asked her what she would order. She said either the Homemade Belgium Waffles with Nutella and Strawberries (naturally) and/or the Corned Beef Hash. So, my mom went with the waffle and I went with the hash.

I love a good corned beef hash. This one was delicious (maybe one of the best ones that I’ve had) and had much bigger chunks of corned beef and potato than I usually see in a hash. And, the hollandaise sauce had sriracha in it… God I love sriracha. And then the waffle… WOW. I mean you can’t really go wrong when adding a big heap of nutella to something, but this waffle was delicious. I’m not sure how my mom managed to eat the whole thing though… one bite was enough for me.

The meal was delicious and the atmosphere really did add to the whole experience. I just wish I was hungrier so that I could have enjoyed our delicious lunch even more.