Kimey’s Place – Belmont Village, Philly

Kimey's Place
What I Ordered
  • Pork roll
  • Egg
  • Cheese
  • Plain Bagel

In Short: The cheese on this sandwich is perfectly melted. The ratio between the egg, pork roll, and cheese was also vital in making this breakfast sandwich so tasty. 

We’re not sure who Kimey is, and we don’t really care. What we do care about is that whoever he/she is created a glorious combination of egg, pork roll (Taylor Ham for you non-Philadelphians), and cheese to make our tastebuds rejoice in breakfast glory. It’s hard to go terribly wrong with breakfast sandwiches, but it’s also pretty hard to get them “on point” (as the youngins are saying these days). This “sandie,” as we like to call them, was just as good as we hoped it would be. Kimey’s Place is a small deli in the heart of University City, Philadelphia. This means that it is in a prime location for college students to stumble in on any day (or afternoon) of the week and weekend to indulge in this cheesy goodness.

One slightly negative aspect to this shop is that there is no menu online to lay out what toppings you can and cannot get on your sandwich if you decide to call ahead. Despite this, if you know your options, the sandwiches are completely customizable to your liking, and you are always asked what toppings you want besides the basic egg, meat, and cheese. What we didn’t know, upon our arrival, is that the locals opt to get hash browns on their breakfast sandwiches. On our next inevitable trip to Kimey’s Place, hash browns will most likely be a phenomenal game changer to put this sandie shop at the way top of our list- and trust me, we’ve explored our fair share of breakfast sandwich shops. The eggs were fluffy and fresh-tasting, and the pork roll was cut extremely thin ensuring the entirety of the pork roll was grilled. Our favorite part of this sandie was the cheese. Just LOOK at that creamy, melty goodness. One of the hardest parts of finding that perfect breakfast sandwich is getting the texture of the cheese just right. Sometimes it isn’t melty enough, sometimes it’s too stringy. Kimey’s Place knows what’s up when it comes to their implementation of cheese.

The overall atmosphere of this deli was like you could expect from any local deli in your area- the point is to get cheap and delicious food, not to feel as though you should be dressed to the nines awaiting your three-course, five-star meal. We personally like the cheap and delicious route better most of the time, anyways, because you can show up at 11 AM on a Saturday or Sunday in the sweatpants you slept in the night before. The price was extremely reasonable for a breakfast sandwich, and the portion filled us up to say the least, ensuing a food coma afterwards. Who doesn’t want another excuse to nap on Sunday afternoons?

The ordering process was easy, the service was fast, and the people were friendly. We would definitely recommend this Philadelphia classic to anyone who is as obsessed with breakfast as we are.

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