La Cerveceria – E. Village, NYC

La Cerveceria - East Village, NYC
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Review By: Julianne Di –

La Cerveceria is a very cute restaurant smack in the middle of the East Village and in the nice weather a perfect place to sit outside with a glass of wine and great company. Unfortunately the night we went, there was no room outside for us so we sat inside which is a little tight but dark and romantic. I don’t think the restaurant will ever be noted for its décor but the menu was interesting and mixed some interesting flavors and ingredients quite successfully.

We started off with Lobster Guacamole and Argentinian Empanadas for our appetizers. Service here was very good as far as time in between our food came out and when bus boys would come by and clean up the table. But service has to be good here because the tables are small and there is not enough room on the table for too many appetizers plus drinks at the same time. The Lobster Guacamole was okay but I am not a fan of mayonnaise and didn’t care for the fact that I found it paired with both appetizers; the guacamole was drizzled with it and it served as a dipping sauce for the empanadas. The guacamole came with homemade plantain chips which were very good and I ate a lot of them just plain without even dipping them in the guacamole. The empanadas were my favorite part of the whole meal even though they were a little dry; the meat with pine nuts was a delicious combination and they were the perfect amount of crispy without being too greasy.

My fiancé and I each ordered different tacos so that we could share. The Steak tacos were made with onions, tomatoes, and agave and it had a sweet and spicy flavor that made them my favorite taco of the two we ordered. The chicken taco had onions and raisins in it which also gave them a sweet and spicy flavor. Both tacos were made with whole wheat tortilla so perhaps we can feel a little less guilty about eating so much food. The plate came with three small tacos and potatoes on the side (unfortunately also drizzled with some type of flavored mayo).

The drink menu was much larger than the actual food menu and I did not see any dessert options anywhere. If I was hungry and really looking for a place to eat dinner I wouldn’t choose La Cerveceria; it is more geared towards a night of drinking and talking and catching up with friends. The food is great to share with everyone at the table and to have something to pick on in between beers or mojitos. I was glad we tried it out although we have definitely had better tacos in the city before.

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