Solera at La Concha – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Wrapped steak!

Review By: Julianne Di –

What’s better than being served a meal in the breeze from the beach while sitting by the pool? Being served a good meal, of course. I spent a week in Puerto Rico in an amazing hotel which had a handful of different restaurants. As a frequent traveler I don’t expect much from in hotel food service, and I didn’t have high hopes for Solera. Much to my surprise and delight, however, I got to try a few dishes here and I really enjoyed all of them. In fact, I had such a great Pina Colada that I found myself craving it the whole trip. It was the perfect combination of coconut and pineapple, creamy and delicious. I did not want the drink to end.

Like any hotel restaurant, the place was a little pricey. The restaurant changes its menu from daytime and evening and we actually enjoyed our lunch more than our dinner. The Peco’s Wrapped steak and Churrasco was moist and delicious and we all really liked it. In fact, I wanted to have more Churrasco before we left Puerto Rico, yet still wanted to try as many different dishes as I could. The Churrasco was drizzled with a sauce which was like a mix between teriyaki and BBQ and it was just enough sauce where it didn’t overpower the dish yet also didn’t leave you needing more. And if that wasn’t enough, the fries were thin and crispy, just the way I like em.

The crème brulee (my favorite, as you know) came in a trio of flavors: nutella, Grand Marnier and vanilla lime. The nutella didn’t really taste like nutella, but it was so rich and chocolaty, and naturally, it was my favorite of the three. The Grand Marnier was very tasty as well but the vanilla lime was a little hard for me to finish because it was kind of like eating an air freshener.

The service was really good here as well. We did wait awhile for the crème brulee but really didn’t notice the time because well, we were sitting by the pool in Puerto Rico! And, the waitress ended up giving us the dessert on the house!

I was quite impressed with Solera as a hotel restaurant and it was very relaxing to be sitting outside in the breeze under umbrellas (day or night) to enjoy a pretty good meal. If I didn’t feel like I wanted to try as many places as possible during my trip, I would have definitely eaten here several more times.