Voga Italian Grill – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Voga Italian Grill - San Juan, Puerto Rico
What I Ordered

Review By: Julianne Di –

We ate at Voga one night on our trip because the weather wasn’t so great and we decided to stay inside the hotel and relax. The ambiance at Voga is nice and there is a huge balcony outside to sit on and enjoy your meal or some drinks while overlooking the hotel pools. I guess because the restaurant was so nice with the high-end atmosphere, I was expecting a place that married Italian and Spanish food to be very impressive.

The first thing we decided to share was the Deconstructed Italian Nachos where the chips were “supposedly” made out of pasta. I say “supposedly” because I didn’t understand how these chips were once pasta- but then again I’ve never really fried pasta before. They had a crispy bagged chips texture that confused me a bit. The chips came with two dipping sauces, one was a Bolognese and the other an Italiano Salsa Cruda. The Bolognese was what you would expect  a very thick meat sauce with melted mozzarella cheese to be. However, for me, it was the Salsa Cruda that made this dish a success. It was a mix of corn, avocados, onions, and tomatoes and was extremely fresh and delicious. I liked the lightness of this salsa better than the meat sauce. As good as the salsa cruda was, I still don’t think it was enough for me to order this again nor do I feel like I accomplished anything by trying this dish.

Voga prides itself on its homemade pizza crust so we felt obligated to try it, especially coming from NYC which has the best pizza in the US (in my opinion). Like the true carnivores that we are, we ordered the Pizza Di Carne with gorgonzola cheese, osobucco, bacon, and caramelized onions.

The pizza was just okay. Nothing I ate here really blew me away or left me wanting more. In fact, it was the only restaurant we went to on this trip that I didn’t leave feeling over stuffed. The bacon and gorgonzola was a great pairing and the crust was thin and crispy but I wasn’t in love. We didn’t even bother to hang around for dessert either.

If you are staying at La Concha, this place is one that you can skip and you really wouldn’t be missing anything. Because I was writing reviews I felt like I had to try every restaurant in the hotel, but maybe Voga would be a better night spot to sit outside and have drinks more than it is to go to for dinner. The food wasn’t worth the price. There are much better places to eat in and out of the hotel than here.