Laura Lee

Laura Lee - Austin, Texas

It has been a dream of mine to start a food blog, or something like it for a while. I prefer a good meal over jewelry any day. A good meal says I love you, forgive me, congratulations, happy birthday, I’ve missed you. A good meal can say a thousand things. So I’ve made it a mission to seek out all of the good meals Austin has to offer. I love exploring new places, and meeting new people. I am in love with the city of Austin. I love sitting on an outside patio featuring live music with my dog, and sipping on a margarita. However, I also love putting on a nice dress, and trying out the trendy, more expensive places. I always take pictures of my food. I always critique my food, and I become overwhelmingly happy with a nice unique presentation. People think I am a little crazy. I think I am a very lucky foodie who lives in a city that feeds my soul.

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