Little Pepper Hot Pot – Flushing, NY

Yes, we ate all of that!

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

We’ve made the trip to Flushing a few times to shop at the J-Mart (yes, J-Mart) and also to eat at the amazing food court at The New World Mall, but we’ve never actually eaten at a restaurant in the area, which is why we were especially excited when we read about Little Pepper Hot Pot in New York magazine.

Basically, it’s $24 for a hot pot (with both spicy and regular broth) and then a platter of beef and veggies that’s more than enough for two people. Then, they have an enormous selection of meat, seafood, and veggies to add on (including some very adventurous options – think intestine, stomach, feet… things like that). This whole situation is right up mine and Dave’s alley, so obviously, we were very anxious to try it out.

We invited our friends Sari and Josh to go for a double date and they were totally into it also. We had made a reservation, but when we showed up at around 10pm, we realized that was beyond unnecessary. Dave and I had figured that we’d need to order 2 hot pots (one for each couple at $24 each) and then share all of the extras. But nope, we only needed one pot for the 4 of us.

We ordered a very wide selection of meats, seafood and veggies and the first to come out was the beef stomach (yes, this was our one very adventurous selection). Dave and I dug right in. We wanted to like it, we really did, but it was a little rubbery… and it was stomach. We quickly moved on and started cooking all the rest of our meats and veggies. They were all great, but my favorites were probably the fatty beef and the meatballs. It did get a little hectic and confusing trying to keep track of the cooking times for each different meat (they tell you when they bring them out) and how long they’d already been in the pot for, but somehow we managed.

Both of the broths were awesome. The spicy one is very, very spicy. The original is very mild. They are both delicious. I found that if you cook the meat in the original broth and then dip it in the spicy broth at the end, you get that spice, but it’s a little less overwhelming. They also have a ton of sauces to dip the meats in once they’re cooked. They keep them in the back of the restaurant and you go pick them out yourselves. Try all of them, they’re all great. The green one was my favorite (though I really had no idea what any of them actually were).

Not only was all of our food great at Little Pepper Hot Pot, the whole experience overall was just very different and fun. This place definitely made it to my list of favorite restaurants in NY.