Lobel’s – MetLife Stadium, New Jersey

First Bears (and Giants) game in NYC!

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

Dave is a die-hard Bears fan. He has season tickets in Chicago and this is the first year that he won’t be able to go to the games (obviously because we now live in New York). So, when he heard that the Bears would be playing at Giants Stadium during the preseason, he immediately got us tickets.

At the beginning of the summer, we went to a Yankee game and one of Dave’s friends told us that we had, had, HAD to get the Lobel’s steak sandwich when we were there. Yes, he knew it was $16 and yes, it was worth it. We didn’t end up getting the sandwich at the Yankee game, but when we saw it this weekend at MetLife Stadium, we figured it was time to try it.

We had planned on getting to the game a little early so that we’d be able to walk around and explore the stadium, but due to some very unfortunate circumstances at Port Authority (i.e. not a single person could tell us where to find the ticket counter OR the bus location – no, I take that back… Not a single person other than the homeless man who was charging money for his directions), we didn’t get to the game until after kick-off… Which means that we didn’t eat dinner until halftime AKA 10pm.

Obviously I was famished, and usually when I get to that point of starvation, pretty much anything I eat is the best thing I’ve ever eaten (I get a little dramatic when I’m hungry). Well, the steak sandwich from Lobel’s was definitely good… Great, in fact, but I don’t know if I can say it’s the best thing (or sandwich) I’ve ever eaten. Maybe if it would have been $9 like a normal sandwich, or humongous like a $16 sandwich should be… But, it was pretty small, and though it was delicious, I have to say that I enjoyed my order of chicken fingers and fries just as much (and maybe even more).