Lobster Shanty – Cape Cod, Mass.

Is a shanty the same thing as a shack?

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

When Dave and I arrived in Cape Cod, the plan was to drive all the way up the Cape to Provincetown. All we wanted to do was walk around the town and find a cute little lobster shack to eat lunch at (we love a good lobster shack). We were told that the drive would take about an hour and a half and that we should take the “scenic” route, rather than highway 6 that runs right up the middle of the Cape. So, we did… And an hour and a half later, we were still an hour and a half away from Provincetown… And we were starving.

We of course were worried that we would stop for lunch somewhere along the way and then get to Provincetown and regret our choice when we saw all of the cute lobster shacks in town. But, our stomachs won the battle and we pulled over at the Lobster Shanty.

By definition, a shanty is a crudely built hut, cabin, or house… so, pretty much the same thing as a shack, right? Plus, the sign for “All You Can Eat Fish & Chips” definitely didn’t hurt either. We decided on a Lobster Roll and of course, the Fish & Chips. We were debating about getting some sort of fried seafood (i.e. clam bellies, our favorite), but decided that the lobster roll and fish & chips would probably be more than enough (once again, the “all you can eat” situation didn’t hurt that argument either).

Our food came out and the lobster roll was humongous. Possibly the biggest lobster roll I’ve ever seen. But, the size was deceiving… I would say that 3/4 of the sandwich was the bread and lettuce, which was exactly what my first bite consisted of. I scooped out some of the bread (there was just way too much) and got a bite with lobster. I thought that the lobster roll was good… but not “Cape Cod” good (I thought I would be eating some of the best lobster rolls I’d ever had, and this was not one of them).

The fish and chips, on the other hand, were another story. Probably the best fish and chips I’ve ever had. Well, maybe not the chips, but definitely the fish. The thing that usually bothers me about fish and chips is that there is just too much breading on them, but these were perfect. They were very lightly breaded and I could really taste the fish, which is not something I’m used to with this dish. I loved them and yes, we got a second serving.

Even though the lobster roll was a little disappointing, it was a good first meal of our vacation and I was already dreaming about clam chowder and lobster for dinner.