Lou Malnati’s – Chicago, IL

Best deep dish ever.

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

Is there anything better than football, beer, and pizza? Yes. Football, beer, and deep dish (or maybe football, beer, and wings, but that’s debatable). Dave and I planned our trip to Chicago so that we’d be able to stay and watch the Monday night Bears game with his friends. And naturally, we wanted deep dish to go along with our Monday night football game. And no, not just any deep dish, we wanted Lou Malnati’s.

I didn’t grow up eating deep dish pizza like Dave did (it’s definitely not an Ohio thing) and I won’t lie, it took me a little while to get used to it. I’m used to folding my pizza in half, not eating it with a knife and fork. I also can’t say that I like deep dish better than thin crust. In my opinion, they’re so different that it’s hard to compare. I can’t eat deep dish as often as I could eat thin crust (it’s just too much), but, when we do get it (now only when we go back to Chicago), I look forward to it and I love every bite.

Dave sent out an email to his usual crew letting them know the plan. We were getting Lou Malnati’s (the best deep dish there is, in my opinion), and we were getting some combination of sausage, pepperoni, and spinach. Done.

We ordered the pizza as the game was starting in the hopes that it would arrive at the beginning of the second quarter. We ended up with four pizzas: One sausage, one pepperoni, one spinach, and one half sausage, half spinach. When the doorbell rang, I have never seen everyone run upstairs so quickly. Either everyone was starving, it was a commercial break, or some combination of both.

I usually can eat a slice and a half or so of deep dish, so I took one sausage and one spinach (I don’t love pepperoni). I honestly can’t even say which one I liked better because they were both just so good. And in my opinion, the best thing about Lou Malnati’s (and what makes it my favorite deep dish) is the crust. It is buttery and delicious and I just can’t get enough. And, I ate two full slices, so you know it must have been good.

Lou Malnati’s + a Bears win… Now that is a good night.