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I wish I could have another bowl right about now.

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

On our first night in Portland, Dave’s friend Max suggested we try his favorite pho (which apparently I’ve been pronouncing wrong my whole life when I called it pho, instead of the real pronunciation of phuhh) place, not only in Portland, but ever, at Luc Lac. Even better than Momofuku Noodle Bar, he said. Well, we’d see about that.

To start, Dave and I ordered the cream cheese wontons. Basically crab rangoon (our favorite), but without the crab. Surprisingly, I didn’t miss the crab (which I thought was the key ingredient) one bit. The crispy wontons and smooth cream cheese was a perfect combination, just like it always is. And, the dipping sauce that came on the side was great too. We thought we were going to be sharing Max’s steak rolls with him, but when the food came out, he admitted that he didn’t like cream cheese (WHAT!) and wasn’t really into the whole sharing thing. Ok, fair enough.

For our entrees, we each ordered a big bowl of pho. Dave and I shared one with steak and meatballs and one with steak and brisket. I liked all of the meats, but it was a little hard to tell the steak and brisket apart. The bowl came with onion and parsley (I think), both of which I immediately removed. Had I known those were in there, I most definitely would have ordered my pho without, but no biggie.

On the side of the pho, was a plate of bean sprouts and some other veggies. I dumped the whole plate in my bowl and added some sriracha (my favorite).

First, I took a spoonful of broth. It was extremely flavorful and pretty spicy (probably due to the sriracha I had dumped in). I loved it. I don’t love the noodles in pho as much as I love ramen or udon noodles, but as pho noodles (and really just pho in general) go, this was about as good as I’ve had.

Would I say that this was a better dish than what they’re serving at Momofuku Noodle Bar? Probably not. But, I can definitely believe that this place is serving the best pho in Portland and my big bowl of soup was just what the doctor ordered on my first night in town.

Photo Credit: Pho Across America.

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