Lunch With Friends

It’s easy to find out about New York City’s latest food hot-spots. The critics are writing about them, the bloggers are writing about them, they’re all over magazines, newspapers, and the internet. But what about the New York gems you might not read about, you might not even notice them when you pass by. That place on the corner next to your dry cleaner with the best spaghetti and meatballs you’ve ever had. The place on your way to work that serves the biggest burger you’ve ever seen. The place by your boyfriend’s house with the special (and secret) late night ramen menu. You don’t find out about these places from bloggers, or critics, or your weekly NY Magazine. You find out about them from your friends.

And that’s exactly how 24 Dollar Burger is finding out about them too. We’re talking to our friends and getting recommendations from the people who know best about the best food in New York. New Yorkers.

Epistrophy Cafe – NoLita, NYC (With College Roommate, Jamie)